Boring tours aren't fun, Rome is a unique city & I want you to experience it the way I do: as a historian, as an art lover but most importantly as a local! 

We had a fantastic visit to the Vatican today because of you. Thank you for being so attentive to our children and for the amazing amount of knowledge you shared. It was fun and the hours spent with you were wonderful.” -Kathy Prahcharov June 2017

”Izzy is an utterly delightful guide: the smarts of a native, the knowledge of a historian, and always fun to be with.” -Cynthia Crossen and James Gleick July 2016

”My first visit to Rome was made special by Isotta’s Urban Baroque Walking Tour, plus a visit to St. Peter’s Basilica! Her delightful personality and knowledge of art and architecture produced a wonderful afternoon of touring. Now I can tell my friends the difference between fresco and oil painting, or Doric vs Corinthian columns.
Thanks so much for a great day. You rock!”
-Jed Haislip, March 2016

”Isotta is lovely, experienced, and let our family experience Rome like a local. She is easygoing and easy to talk to, as well as incredibly knowledgeable about the history of Rome and its art. She is a wonderful person to ask for suggestions for shopping, restaurants, and more. We feel so lucky to have had Izzy as our tour guide and new friend!”
-The Warren Family January 2016
Izzy is as knowledgeable as she is charming. She is flexible and respectful about time and budget; she is full of good ideas tailored to her clients’ needs. It was a pleasure to see Rome with a local who is such pleasant company.”
- Rachel and Marsha Pinson August 2015
Love having children on tours as well! Catherine and Elizabeth are 5 and 8.

Love having children on tours as well! Catherine and Elizabeth are 5 and 8.


Rome Walking Tours

To make your time in Rome as enjoyable & exciting to all members of your group, I can create a personalised tour tailor fit to meet all of your families wishes.   Contact me directly with your destinations of interest & I'll incorporate them into our day to ensure that all stops will be fun, while at the same time enhancing & adding to your understanding of Rome's immense culture & history. 

Please get in touch with questions and ideas!  I would love to discuss your thoughts & hear your wish list  about your visit to Rome.

Ponte Sisto at sunset with a view of St.Peters Basilica

Ponte Sisto at sunset with a view of St.Peters Basilica


Urban Baroque

Explore three Baroque churches in the centre of Rome,  each containing masterpieces by Borromini, Caravaggio and Pieter Paul Rubens. Understand and observe the works in their original context in order to  experience the unchanged atmosphere of these Roman churches since their general completion in the mid 17th century. Afterwards stroll through Piazza Navona and enjoy Bernini's colossal sculptures and flowing fountains. To finish off we'll stop nearby away from the hustle and bustle for a snack or aperitif in local restaurants and bars. 

Galleria Borghese 

Begin the day with a beautiful walk through Rome's largest park Villa Borghese, then enjoy a guided tour of the the worlds first museum! The Borghese gallery contains a marvellous collection of Renaissance and Baroque masterpieces  collected by the infamous Cardinal Scippione Borghese. Experience the works in their original location and explore the luxurious gallery in all of its grandeur and fame, we will focus on Bernini's mythological sculptures which are breathtaking and, my personal favourites! 

Roma Vintage

This tour is rather untraditional and is geared towards shopping and experiencing local life. We will explore various neighbourhoods in the centre of Rome and search for beautiful used or vintage garments and objects. Starting in Governo Vecchio and making our way over towards the Monti and Celio area you are certain to pick up a few  great items while exploring Rome and of course stopping for pizza or gelato when necessary! 

From Crypt to Capitol

This tour begins in the 17th century underground Capuchin Crypt a six room complex adorned entirely with the remains of devoted friars of the Capuchin order. Skulls, bones and teeth construct arches, altars and chandeliers a gainly sight described by Hawthorne as "one of the most horrifying images in all of Christendom". From this far from traditional site we will move onto two  tiny churches, both architectural and stylistic gems of the Baroque style. After visiting Bernini and Borromini's churches we will walk towards the Quirinale and meander down to the Trevi Fountain and towards the magnificent Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo. 


Roman Spaces

In the hot summer months its wonderful to enjoy some of Rome's less crowded spots. To begin the tour we will take a wander through the Palatine Hill a green space adorned with the ruins of palaces belonging to Ancient Roman Emperors, this site complete with scenic views is great for children and adults alike. The contrast between ancient and natural elements is unique and breathtaking. From there we can wander towards the Circus Maximus, the ancient Roman race track where gladiators once rode horses and carriages to entertain the citizens of Rome. We could then stop for a simple lunch or continue our walking through the lovely Roman rose garden and up into the Aventine hill. There we will  visit the remarkable key hole, where a lovely view of the Vatican can be enjoyed, and stop by some beautiful monastic churches and parks. 

The Jewish Ghetto: The Heart of Rome

While Rome may contain the seat of the Catholic Church, the city also has a vibrant, long-standing Jewish history—particularly in the Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere neighbourhoods. The Jewish Quarter in Rome is small but very rich both in culture and cuisine. This tour will guide you through the Jewish history of Rome and expose you to the magnificent and unique flavours of Roman cuisine! We will dine at one of my all-time favourite restaurants Nonna Betta and experience the unique bridge between Middle Eastern and Italian flavours. After lunch we will stroll through Campo di Fiori catching the end of the daily market and continue our walk on one of Rome’s original Pilgrim routes to the Vatican. On the way, we can glance at the lovely boutiques and shops that contain only unique collections and original antiques. 

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Jed and I inside St.Peter's Basilica!

Jed and I inside St.Peter's Basilica!